Montes Alpha Special Cuvee Pinot Noir

Montes Alpha Special Cuvee Pinot Noir

Wine | ขนาด/ปริมาณ 750 ml | ACL 14.5%

Pinot Noir | Chile

สั่ง MONTES ALPHA SPECIAL CUVÉE ส่งได้ทั่วไทยคะ

ดูรีวิว MONTES ALPHA SPECIAL CUVÉE  กันดีกว่า 

Bright and lively ruby red with violet tones. The impressively potent nose offers aromas of fresh red and blue berries such as raspberries and blueberries as well as sour cherries. Notes of herbs and wildflowers give rise to aromas of a forest after the first rain, all over a backdrop that recalls licorice and vanilla. A touch of fresh tobacco and candied fruit intermingle perfectly with the fruity profile. Naturally vibrant acidity makes this a refreshing, juicy, and easy-to-drink wine. Medium volume and velvety tannins lend a delicious sweet sensation to this Pinot Noir with an elegant and prolonged finish that accentuates the aromas perceived on the nose.


Harvest Period: March 30–April 13.

The 2015–2016 season was rather peculiar. It was normal to good in terms of the availability of water, and there was an optimal amount of moisture in the soil at the time of flowering. Rainfall was very sporadic, but significant in terms of volume and intensity, which affected fruiting in the areas in which the rains coincided with flowering in mid-November.

The summer was not very hot and only registered a few peaks in January and February, but overall, the temperatures were below the historic average, especially in March, which registered an average temperature that was 2oC lower than in 2015. This had its repercussions on maturation, especially in red varieties, causing the grapes to ripen at least 12 days later in the season than they did in the previous year. This was crucial in making decisions regarding the harvest date because we needed to begin picking in order to prevent an overlap with the red varieties.

However, the tannins in the seeds were perfectly ripe by mid-March and the skins had excellent color, resulting in grapes that gave us fresher, more aromatic wines with good natural balance that delivers structure and volume on the palate. The fruit reached the winery with very good quality and fewer—but larger—grapes per bunch than in the previous year.


The vineyards that produce the grapes for our Montes Alpha Special Cuvée Pinot Noir are located in the Aconcagua Coast region, specifically in Zapallar.

All of the vineyards are planted on gently rolling hills with different exposures and trained to vertical shoot position. Yields range from 7,000 to 8,000 kg/hectare. Because vines have an excellent vegetative / productive balance, it is not necessary to adjust the load and canopy work is minimal. This also allows us to harvest healthy grapes with good balance.

Zapallar is just 7 lm (4.3mi) from the sea. This affords the grapes great freshness, minerality, and cold zone typicity. In both cases the soils are granitic with different percentages of the clay found in the Coastal Range, which contributes elegance, creaminess, and a unique sense of terroir to the wine.


The grapes were hand picked into 10-kg trays in the early hours of the morning in order to maintain the low temperatures and thus protect the aromas. Upon arrival at the winery, the bunches were carefully selected, destemmed, and the grapes inspected again. The selected grapes were gently dropped uncrushed into open-topped stainless steel tanks, and the whole berries underwent a 5-day pre-fermentation cold soak at 7oC (44.6oF) to gently extract color and aromas. We then raised the temperature and began fermenting with a combination of native and commercial yeasts. The process lasted approximately 7 days at 23o–24oC (73o–75oF) and included two punchdowns per day for a delicate extraction during the fermentation and encourage the optimal conditions for the yeasts to do their work.

Once the fermentation was completed, we drained the tank and gently pressed the skins. Only a very small percentage of this “press wine” is used to add greater complexity and volume to the free-run wine. The wine was then racked to 225-liter French oak barrels, where malolactic fermentation took place naturally. All of the barrels were especially selected for Pinot Noir; 35% of the barrels were new, and the rest were second use. The wine remained in the barrels for 10–12 months and then lightly filtered prior to bottling.

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