Tanqueray Malacca

Tanqueray Malacca

เหล้านอก | ขนาด/ปริมาณ Lite | ACL 40.0%

Gin | United Kingdom

สั่ง Tanqueray Malacca ส่งได้ทั่วไทยคะ

ดูรีวิว Tanqueray Malacca กันดีกว่า 

Tasting Notes

Citrus on the nose at first. This certainly can’t be from Tanqueray, can it? Definitely doesn’t echo any of the other trademarks of the Tanqueray brand. Not a lot of juniper. Zesty, citrusy and bright. Lime and grapefruit predominantly.

The taste of Tanqueray Malacca is robust and smooth. Citrus up front again, a tad bit of acidic tang. Lemon, and Grapefruit. The middle we get some baking spices, Cinnamon in the middle. The finish is perhaps the shining moment for this gin, you get a tad bit of juniper and a long creamy finish with notes of creme anglaise, specifically warm creamy vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

Interestingly enough, these warm notes are more pronounced when the spirit is drank neat and room temperature. When chilled, the citrus becomes a bit more pronounced.

สนใจสั่ง Tanqueray Malacca ส่งได้ทั่วไทยนะค้ะ ใช่เวลา 3-4 วันได้รับจ้า

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