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ขาย VEUVE DU VERNAY Ice Rose ส่งทั่วไทยจ้า
Sparkling Wines รสชาติดี ระดับ 4 ดาวจาก 
Ownership: Patriarche. Style: Sparkling.
  • This is one of the most popular wines from France. This wine has been climbing in popularity during the year.
  • Widely available in America.
  • This producer makes many wines including those from grapes Rare White Blend, Chardonnay, and Cinsaut - Grenache - Syrah
  • The golden bubbles of VEUVE DU VERNAY are made respecting the French tradition by the House of PATRIARCHE based in Beaune in Burgundy.
    The grapes come from vines which have been patiently cared for, with respect for the environment, by grape growers who are partners of PATRIARCHE.
    When the grapes arrive at maturity, the vines are carefully harvested and the grapes are chosen. VEUVE DU VERNAY's oenologist, Jean-Jacques HOCHET, brings all of his know-how to each step of the wine preparation.
    This takes place, according to step-by-step ancestral rituals. It starts by the pressing in order to obtain the "base wine". A small amount of sugar is then added. It is the secret recipe of VEUVE DU VERNAY: a mixture of sugar and ferment help the fermentation process to begin and the bubbles to form.
    Then follow several months of rest under the supervision of our Cellar Master, so that the wines develop all of their flavour and their bubbles.
    The search for perfection at each step guaranties an irreproachable quality and gives the VEUVE DU VERNAY sparkling wines their unique character and the well-known aromatic complexity. 

    Tasting Notes:

    Veuve Du Vernay Ice is a beautiful, light pink wine with numerous, fine, sparkling bubbles. On the nose, it is fruity with prominent notes of wild berries. Ice Rose is well-balanced, full-bodied with good fruit and a fine acidic aftertaste which gives a lovely freshness. Serve this well-chilled, or with ice cubes.

สนใจสั่ง VEUVE DU VERNAY Ice Rose  ส่งได้ทั่วไทยนะค้ะ ใช่เวลา 3-4 วันได้รับจ้า

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