Cutty Sark 18 Years

Cutty Sark 18 Years

เหล้านอก | ขนาด/ปริมาณ 700 ML | ACL 43.0%

Blended Scotch Whisky |

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This is my personal favourite of the Cutty Sark range, and less than half the price of the fine, top of the range, 25-year-old. The nose is soft and elegant, with malt, medium Sherry and a hint of sweet wood smoke. With time, caramel and discreet liquorice notes emerge, while water produces the aroma of molasses and emphasises the smoke. The palate displays beautiful integration of malts and grains ? sweet, fruity and Sherried, with chewy toffee. The finish is long and elegant, with lingering sweetness and buttery hints of spicy oak. Deliciously drinkable! A wise and illustrious blender once said ?A fine, old blend can be considered in the same way as a great single malt.? This whisky is the perfect illustration of that comment.

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